This is a story about two childhood foodies.

Alan Woo and Davis Ngo, who have traveled the world
trying different foods from everyday street food to
upscale eateries. Realizing their passion and love for
tasty and affordable eating, they endeavored to finally
open a shop of their own.

Davis grew up working beside his parent’s banh mi shop in
Chinatown for nearly three decades. With traditional
experience and family recipes, he teams up with an unlikely
partner to finally make it on his own terms.

Alan has been on what’s best described as a
“occupational roller-coaster.” With his creative
background as a photographer, his interest in the culinary
arts had grown tremendously over the years.

Together they embark on a new adventure together with a goal
to serve the best Banh Mi in NYC and anywhere else their
taste buds lead them to in the future.

Welcome to Xe May Sandwich shop in the heart of NY’s
East Village!